Wednesday, May 16, 2007

2nd Annual Ohio River Valley Folk Festival in Madison, IN, this weekend.

The coming weekend (Friday & Saturday, May 18 & 19) is the 2nd Annual Ohio River Valley Folk Festival, held along the Ohio River in Madison, Indiana. NABC poured beer in 2006, and will be doing so again along with friends from Upland, Browning's and Ram/Bighorn (Indianapolis).

My piece today in Louisville Eccentric Observer (LEO) discusses the festival's concept: Mug Shots - Folk Fest celebrates handcrafted brews, and last year I recapped the first edition here at the PC blog: Another good reason to run upriver.

Gotta go now and find a load of plastic 12-oz cups.


Adrian said...
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The New Albanian said...

I really detest spammers.

antzman said...

Maybe they were advertising for Spamalot currently playing in Louisville?