Sunday, May 08, 2005

A Cinco with mayo on the side: Multicultural appreciation in New Albany.

Last Friday, May 6, I had this conversation with Richard, who is one of our employees at the pub.

Roger: How have we sold this many bottles of Red Stripe? There was a case in here just a few days ago, and now only four bottles are left.

Richard: Well, yesterday was Cinco de Mayo.

Roger: But that's a Mexican holiday, not Jamaican.

Richard: You know that, and I know that ...

For the record, a bottle of Corona costs $4.50, and a Red Stripe is $4.25, although I'll have to raise the Red Stripe if it keeps selling as it has lately.

Next year we'll offer May 5 specials on Red Stripe and jerk pork pizza, and play reggae music all day.

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