Saturday, May 21, 2005

Last call (this time) for Founders Red's Rye on draft?

Currently at Rich O's, perhaps the final keg (for a while) of Founders Red's Rye is on tap.

Someone remarked that it'd be fine with them if Red's Rye were on tap all of the time, and I concur from the standpoint of "red" being part of the ale's name, which means that rank amateurs seeking Killian's might select the Founders red ale strictly because of the colorful promise, but find it not at all tasteless like the dyed alcopop offered by MolsonCoors.

Of course, Red's Rye is a fine beer that stands on its own right. It's just fun to dupe the Liteweights every now and then.

Founders home page

Previous curmudgeonly tasting of Red's Rye

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