Saturday, April 02, 2005

UPDATED: Indianapolis good beer sanctuary Chalkie's has closed.

Chalkie's is no more.

Our friend and Indianapolis resident Joe Brower sent the following on Saturday afternoon:

Guess Marvin McKay didn’t get it worked out with his brother Scott. Just came from there and its all locked up, posted with court judgment notice "to be sold."

A phone call confirms this news. The answering machine refers callers to Marvin's number, and refers to "partnership" issues and the loss of the establishment's lease.

Chalkie's, located on the northside in Castleton, has been a required stop for at least six or seven years. I've always described it as a non-smoking. high-end billiards parlor serving gourmet food and craft beer.

You could live a thousand years and never see such a concept attempted in Louisville, particularly with respect to the "non-smoking" part of the equation.

Although persistent rumors have alleged that Chalkie's was struggling, news of the closing still surprises and saddens. I wish Marvin nothing but the best and hope that he resurfaces soon; a better host I've yet to meet.

April 3 update from Indiana Beer:
Chalkies has closed down. A dispute between partners leaves us beerless. Mark Mahon reports "As everyone has probably heard, our beloved Chalkies has closed, due to a dispute between partners. However I talked to Marvin last Wednesday at The Beer Sellar about his problems, and he reported that plans are in the works, for a new place that will be better! So take heart! Marvin will soon be back!"


edward parish said...

That is real sad news. Boy do I ever wish that something like that place could ever be owned by me and located here or in Louisville.

Mat Gerdenich / Cavalier Distributing said...

I talked with Marvin today and he is in good spirits. It is really a shame what has happened. He really got the rug yanked out from underneath him. A HUGH BEER VOID has been created in Indianapolis.