Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Jesse Williams accepts the NABC brewhouse keys from a departing Michael Borchers.

(From Publicanista!, to be published on Thursday, April 14)

The New Albanian Brewing Company is pleased to announce that an eager young apprentice brewer has been tapped to succeed Michael Borchers in the NABC garage brewhouse.

Jesse Williams of New Albany has been training with Michael and will become the NABC brewer of record as of April 18, 2005. Jesse already was employed by NABC as a server prior to this juncture, and naturally we’re delighted that an in-house transition has been possible.

While Jesse has no prior brewing experience, his obvious passion for beer, his curiosity about beer and his willingness to learn how to do the job are the most important factors to us.

Jesse is a graduate of the highly regarded culinary school at Sullivan University in Louisville, KY, and has worked in the kitchens of several Louisville metro area eateries of repute. His ultimate ambition is to own and operate his own restaurant, preferably in New Albany.

Beer and food … suppose anyone’s thought of it before?

Luckily, Chris Spellman remains on board as assistant, performing a wide range of duties without which the brewery could not function.

Meanwhile, Michael is departing the day-to-day grind of NABC to return to school, but will remain living in the area, and has agreed to be available for consultation as “brewer emeritus” in exchange for periodic pints of ale.

As a going away present to the faithful, Michael leaves NABC with batches of Stumble Bus and Elector “Grand Cru” already brewed, and two Belgians (Abbey and Saison) on the way, with the Saison being jointly designed by Jesse and Michael.

Next NABC release: Bourbondaddy returns on Tuesday, April 19.

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