Wednesday, April 20, 2005

At Browning's the only constants are change and the management's inexplicable beerlessness.

It's only been two months since the Courier-Journal's dining writer, Susan Reigler, reported Eileen Martin's departure as the Browning's Brewery brewster and the elevation of assistant Bill Dinkins to the top job.

Browning's Restaurant & Brewery

Now we're told that Bill has left, and a battlefield promotion has been given to an employee with little brewing experience.

There's no sense in raging until all the facts are known, but it sadly bears repeating that the ownership of Browning's and the adjacent Park Place has shown very little good beer aptitude and has as times seemed bizarrely determined not to utilize the gleaming brewing system, which most of us would recognize as far too expensive to display merely as a ballpark lawn ornament.

Strange, yet true. Good luck to Elliott, and perhaps the ownership will someday awaken to the novel possibilities of emphasizing beer at a brewpub.

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