Thursday, June 16, 2016

Special Ed's Brewery elevates cluelessness to an art form -- and brewing hasn't even started.

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Any snarky preamble I might offer cannot do justice to the unawareness on open display herein.

Some jokes simply aren't funny, however much inner mirth one might derive from them. Yes, hubby is special. But Special Ed means something different, doesn't it?

How can 'tard-tested be defended in any way? Then again, we still tolerate a football team called the Redskins.

Naturally, I'm reminded of Indiana's Route 2 Brews, and its ridiculous Leg Spreader. Special Ed's may not be as obvious, but it's just as indefensible.

Special Ed’s Brewery owners apologize but keep provocative name, by Blair Anthony Robertson (Sacramento Bee)

In a whirlwind 24 hours, the owners of Special Ed’s Brewery in Galt saw indignation go viral about their company name and slogans, received death threats, filed a police report, issued a written apology, took down their Facebook page and, yes, opened the retail store for business Tuesday.

“My husband is getting death threats on his phone,” co-owner Cheryl Mason said. “The situation is not funny at all.”

Mason said she and her husband, Edward, have reported the threats to police. The name and related themes tied to the business – including the slogan “Take the short bus to special beer” and “’tard tested, ’tard approved” – touched off a firestorm of complaints, vitriol and calls for a boycott on Facebook and Twitter. The business also promoted a proposed beer, Back of the Bus Brown Ale, that appears to refer to Jim Crow-era segregation.


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