Friday, September 18, 2015

Here's the beer list at Smoke and Rye, the new eatery at Horseshoe Southern Indiana.

Recalling the many and varied layers of pain NABC was compelled to navigate in getting local beer into Horseshoe Casino, this turning out to be a somewhat brief experiment, it always interests me to see what the casino is doing in terms of better beer -- bearing in mind that I'm by no means the target customer.

Above: The beer list at Smoke & Rye

Below: The Smoke & Rye concept (full menu here)

You can be the judge. I'm not taking position, apart from gently suggesting for the umpety-teenth time that given the effort and expense of the restaurant refit, the beer could be done better than this. Still, it's an improvement.

If you visit Smoke & Rye, let me know how it is. I'll make it down there at some point.

Smoke & Rye tempts foodies to cross the river, by Bailey Loosemore (Courier-Journal)

Smoke & Rye — a new restaurant that pairs gourmet burgers and barbecue with a well-cultivated list of more than 160 bourbons and whiskies — is a concept that could likely hold its own on any busy street in Louisville.

But with its grand opening Friday, the restaurant doesn't plan to compete with the Feast BBQs and Down One Bourbon Bars of Market and Main streets. Instead, it hopes to draw foodies across the river to what the business' creators hope will become a new destination: Horseshoe Southern Indiana.

"The area needed something like this," said Lizzet Verdi, the casino's marketing manager. "... So we're not just about gaming. A lot of people say, 'I don't like to gamble.' Well, we have other things for you to do."

Smoke & Rye — a $2.5-million investment — is located in a 9,600-square-foot space previously occupied by Legends, a restaurant that Horseshoe Southern Indiana regional president and general manager John Smith said lacked a distinct personality.

Legends has been a part of the casino since shortly before it opened in the late 90s, and several general managers have made changes to it over the years without ever re-branding the restaurant completely, Smith said.

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