Wednesday, March 11, 2015

So, are there any brewery climate change deniers?

First, look at the second paragraph.

Guinness cannot be part of a "group" of brewers "from across the country" unless Diageo somehow is an American company. But let's not be churlish.

My primary point in posting this link is to wonder whether there'll be a reply from the group of brewers rejecting climate change. Is there such a group? For a long time, I assumed that we as brewers were all left-leaners, as befitting our one-time anti-capitalist revolution. That particular bubble was burst a long time ago.

Does Ted Nugent have a beer yet?

Ted Cruz?

Beer Brewers Unite To Call For Action On Climate Change, by Kate Sheppard (Huffington Post)

WASHINGTON -- A group of 24 brewers from across the country have come together to cut greenhouse gas emissions from their operations and call for strong national action to address climate change.

The breweries, which include Smuttynose Brewing Company, Guinness and Allagash Brewing Company, have signed onto the Climate Declaration organized through the sustainable business group Ceres. The declaration pledges that each company will take its own action to reduce emissions from its business, and will also support political action at the national level.

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