Thursday, March 05, 2015

Kevin Gibson has lunch at BBC for five bucks and likes it.

It's just a good marketing idea, and the fact of it taking place at a brewery means a self-chosen upcharge, with the addition of a pint, because if you can't drink a beer at lunch, when can you?

Speaking only for myself, of course. There'll be those ordering iced tea or soft drinks, and I suppose this makes sense ... grudgingly.

Kevin Gibson has good things to say about the $5 food options at BBC, but as usual, he spots the hidden value, too.

Discovering the BBC $5 lunch, by Kevin Gibson (LEO Weekly)

... And, of course, if you sit at the bar you can enjoy the fun banter of the ever-present BBC regulars. Pretty much any afternoon you can pull up a stool and get an earful of conversation from these guys, who seem to mostly be retirees from the neighborhood. Can’t really put a price on that experience.

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