Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brewing company needed in Eyota, Minnesota.

It's an informal tally, but so far in 2014, I've received a half-dozen contacts, either by e-mail or phone, from economic development officials in Indiana towns and cities. Some have been general inquiries, perhaps owing to my presence on the board of the Brewers of Indiana Guild. Some have been quite specific: Come here to my city/town/hamlet and open a brewery, and we'll incentivize you.

It isn't clear whether my own city has yet fathomed such conclusions, although neighboring Jeffersonville has. This is another story for another day.

Meanwhile, thanks to Ray L. for this link.

Eyota needs beer, by Mark Reilly (Minneapolis / St. Paul Business Journal)

Craft beer, that is. Officials in the southeastern Minnesota city have eased up on alcohol laws and added development incentives, hoping to entice a brewing company to the neighborhood.

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