Wednesday, December 16, 2009

NABC Solidarity with meat-laden pizza, tonight at BoomBozz.

NABC Solidarity will be tapped at BoomBozz Taphouse tonight (Wednesday, December 16), and my thoughts have turned to pizza options to accompany my jar.

Currently personal tastes are running toward garlic cream sauce, bacon, anchovies and prosciutto. That's because Baltic Porters typically like meat, and the more strongly flavored flesh, the better. If BoomBozz had duck or venison on the menu, I'd try them. However, it's a gourmet pizza menu, which does just fine by me, and choices need not be restricted to meat.

I believe that our Solidarity can be taught to co-exist quite well with garlic, so I may add fresh garlic to the pie, too.

Cabbage roll pizza, anyone?

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