Friday, December 18, 2009

Anstich today, tomorrow and next Wednesday. Previews here and now.

Apologies for being busy on Thursday and unable to preview the Anstich keg from Lang-Bräu. It turned out to be another inexplicable fill – not Märzen at all, but soft and golden, with enough hop to suggest Pils, not enough to conjure Keller, and in the end, likely a Vollbier/Helles from the countryside.

Today it’s Günther-Bräu, and tomorrow, Weissenohe Monk’s Fest.

The final Anstich keg from the current shipment will pour next week on Wednesday, December 23. It’s Weissenohe Monk’s Christmas beer (see links below).

To briefly recap, Franconian gravity pour (Anstich) mania grips the Public House each time Mike and Jared tap one of these special 20-liter beauties. That means 40 half-liter pours and out, at the fair price of $5 each. The present allotment was intended to be composed of Märzens, and mostly has been. All so far have been superbly conditioned and delicious, with my pick for best being last Friday’s Rothenbach.

Brewery website
Dan Shelton's note: "In little Burgkunstadt, just outside of Kulmbach, in Upper Franconia, this is one of three small family-owned brewpubs in a town of a few hundred people. Makes only 6000 hectoliters a year. Founded in 1840."

Klosterbrauerei Weißenohe
Brewery website
From the Shelton Brothers site: "Due to a severe and chronic monk shortage, and the steady advance of secularization all over Europe, most monasteries in Germany have been given over to private families. It happened at Weissenohe in 1803. The Winkler family that assumed the monastery and the grounds at Weissenohe has maintained the chapel and the brewery (and added a typical guesthouse eatery). Today, there are still services in the chapel, and Urban Winkler, who represents the youngest generation in a line of family brewers, still makes beer in the traditional way."

Saturday, December 19: Weißenoher Monk’s Fest
Wednesday, December 23: Weißenoher Monk’s Christmas

Weissenohe Monk’s Fest

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