Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Elector and a New Orleans medley at Selena's?

In today's LEO Weekly, reviewer Robin Garr visits Selena's, which is located in Louisville's East End on LaGrange Road, roughly equidistant between Lyndon and Anchorage. Owing to the menu's enticing "Cajun and Sicilian" theme, Robin (a noted wine writer, but a beer lover, too) eschewed the wine list and opted for a Dixie Lager.

But I'm thinking a refreshing NABC Elector might have provided more firm accompaniment to the meals described; after all, it's on tap at Selena's, and has been for a month. The establishment was one of NABC's first draft accounts in Louisville following our roll-out.

One thing's for sure: The only way for me to know how well Elector pairs with the food at Selena's is to go and conduct a scientific sampling. I'll try to schedule one very soon.

Selena’s brings comfort to Willow Lake

An old, popular East End country dive bar, closed for years, reopened about a year ago as Selena’s and has been drawing crowds ever since, owing its growing popularity to bountiful food, friendly service and a relaxing atmosphere.

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