Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bastille Day recap: Gallic pleasures at the Brewhouse.

Thanks to those attending last evening's Bastille Day event at the Brewhouse, and to the cast and crew for mkaing it possible. We served more than 30 of the fixed-price, five-course meals, and exhausted the supply of French Bieres de Garde. Only a few Schlaflys were left over, and they'll be gone soon enough.

I was surprised, delighted and gneuinely touched that several French speakers in attendance congregated during and after the meal to chat in their acquired (in one instance, native) language. It's easy to spot the lazy Francophobia in American society, but we tend to forget that French culture has its fans, too, both here and elsewhere.

Chef Josh's cassoulet (above) was my personal favorite. There's nothing wrong at all with sausage, ham, beans and cheese together in one dish.

Obviously, we'll do this again next year. Schedule permitting, we won't wait as long to be part of a French-themed happening. I might finally learn a few words of French.


Tovrax said...

In regards to your stated goal to learn some french words, here are two you should learn first:



Anonymous said...

Essential for the professional beer drinker:
Une autre biere s’il-vous-plait