Monday, April 13, 2009

Guest taps with a local flavor at Bank Street.

As might have become apparent, we've elected to pour guest drafts to keep a full draft lineup at the Bank Street Brewhouse until the original brewery catches up (it's happening, one step at a time) and the new brewery comes on line.

It's like business as usual for me in the sense of falling back on all these years of programming draft selections at the Public House. Generally, the object has been to source local micros when possible. Here's a random overview.

NABC's Community Dark is back, and Beak's Best is next, followed by Mt. Lee. We've been weaving kegs of Croupier, Elsa and Solidarity into the mix as high gravity house enticements.

Browning's ESB and BBC Dark Star Porter (the latter from Main & Clay) have subbed for Beak's and 15-B, respectively. Victory's Prima Pils in holding the line until our Kaiser returns. Because we all adore Alpha King, it has been saving a place for Elector. A nice springtime surprise is Cumberland Goat Boy Bock, which I believe is a fine American-style bock that takes me back to days of addled youth.

BBC St. Matthews has supplied us with a full keg of its stellar Heine Brothers Coffee Stout, which will be tapped soon, and a firkin of dry-hopped APA. Speaking of firkins, we have one of Beak's and a Three Floyds Robert the Bruce available for venting and spiling soon.

The object is to have our own beer, but I'm having fun with the guests.

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