Wednesday, April 08, 2009

BS Neighborhood Derby Final: New Albany and Germantown-Schnitzelburg-Paristown.

Readers, a brief favor if you have time tonight (Wednesday) through Friday afternoon.

The Broken Sidewalks blog in Louisville has been running a "Neighborhood Derby" with March Madness-style brackets. New Albany has made the final, and is up against Germantown-Schnitzelburg-Paristown. It's going to be a tough match for us.

Vote here: BS Neighborhood Derby 2009

Granted, this has little to do with beer. Still, I'd appreciate your vote for New Albany. Not that I'm expecting NABC's many supporters in Germantown to go against their home squad ... still, it'd be a nice victory for NA. The web site is using a photo of the Bank Street Brewhouse, too.

BS Neighborhood Derby 2009

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Rick said...

Vote for NA cast.

NA currently down by only 3 votes. There's still time!