Friday, November 07, 2008

Press release: NABC seasonals queuing for December and January.

Two cherished New Albanian Brewing Company seasonal brews make their appearance each year in December, and a third is released in January. All three are ideal for chilly winter weather.

Timed to help kick off NABC’s month-long, annual Saturnalia Winter Solstice draft extravaganza, Bonfire of the Valkyries and Naughty Claus both will hit the brewpub’s taps on December 12.

Bonfire of the Valkyries (circa 6.5% abv) is a hybrid Schwarzbier (black lager) and Rauchbier (smoked lager). Weyermann malt from Bamberg lends a gentle, not excessive, smokiness. It’s magic fire mood music for Saturnalia.

Brewers Jesse Williams and Jared Williamson look forward to slightly tweaking each year’s Naughty Claus (7.5% abv), a holiday-spiced winter warmer featuring four malts, molasses, dark brown sugar, orange peel, cinnamon sticks and a few Saaz hops out of habit, if nothing else. Caroling is optional.

The bulk of the molasses purchased to make Naughty Claus goes into Old Lightning Rod, NABC’s Colonial-era strong ale, which is released every year on January 17 as homage to Benjamin Franklin.

It is hoped that the 2009 unveiling of Old Lightning Rod will take place at NABC’s second, expanded brew house in downtown New Albany, although it will be available at the original Grant Line Road location, too. Call 812-949-2804 for details, or visit

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