Thursday, March 20, 2008

NABC, Buckhead, craft beer and Thunder Over Louisville, April 12.

NABC will be doing a split squad for Saturday, April 12, with Jesse, Jared, John and Roger (the token "non-J") in St. Louis for Schlafly's annual repeal-of-prohibition party, and Tony running the brewery crew at Buckhead Mountain Grill on the waterfront in Jeffersonville for its 2008 Thunder Craft Beer Extravaganza.

I refer, of course, to the Louisville area phenomenon known as Thunder over Louisville, a fireworks blow-out that heralds the arrival of Derby Festival, which owing to the weirdness of the calendar provides three weeks of partying this year before the horse race is actually run.

Here’s the pitch, and given what things cost during Thunder, it isn't a bad one at all.

Buckhead Mountain Grill's 2008 Thunder Craft Beer Extravaganza is a VIP Microbrew Tent featuring breweries such as NABC, Brugge Brasserie, Wabash Valley, Oaken Barrel, Barley Island, Three Floyds, Cumberland Brews, BBC, Browning’s and Upland.

Tickets are $75 and you'll receive $10 worth of tickets toward beer (cash after that for full pours, though I think samples are possible), the chance to meet people from the breweries, an all-day food buffet, plus prime real estate and river access for viewing the air show and fireworks. Must be 21 years of age, reservations and identification required. Families are welcome, and non-alcoholic drinks are included.

Go straight to the source for information and reservations: Kelly Leonardo of Buckhead Mountain Grill at 502-899-3030 Ext. 222.

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The Original BBC Brewmaster said...

Sounds like a blast! I'll be pulling my standard TOL bartending gig at the Tap Room.