Monday, March 03, 2008

Digging out from under Gravity Head opening weekend.

I'm heading back in now to take stock of the lineup changes and get an update posted here, but in the interim, here's an anecdote about baseball legend Mickey Mantle, as told by Jim Bouton in his book, "Ball Four."

The Yankees were playing sometime in the early 1960's, and Mantle arrived at the ballpark massively hungover. He was given the day off by the manager, but late in the game, with the Yanks behind, he was needed to pinch-hit.

Half-blind with pain and the effects of dissipation, Mantle hit a game-winning homer.

He returned to the dugout to greet his cheering teammates and said, to no one in particular, something on the order of "you've no clue how hard that really was."

Thanks to everyone who worked, drank, helped, and baby-sat me over the past weekend. You know who you are.

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