Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Saturnalia MMVII official program and new bottled beer list both available.

Two helpful .pdf files have been posted at NABC's web site.

First is the official program for Saturnalia MMVII, which kicks off Friday, December 7, and will run through December. The starting 16 has not been determined; that's what Thursdays are for, but the majority of beers have arrived or are scheduled to be delivered next week. The starting lineup will be posted here on Thursday night.

Official Saturnalia MMVII program here (.pdf)

Also, the new bottled beer list will be effective on Thursday, December 6. The vintage collection has been folded into the listings by country, and separate listings have been added for Belgian Lambics and French Bieres de Garde. This will be the last update in the current format. In early February, I hope to inaugurate a new bottled beer list with far more information than the current listing.

NABC's bottled beer menu .pdf

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