Saturday, December 29, 2007

"Drive on old Bock."

Thanks to my NA Confidential blogging partner Jeff for this snippet of "old" New Albanian brewing history:

The New Albany Ledger-Standard
(Floyd Co. New Albany, IN ... April 29, 1881)

"Mr. Paul Reising, West End brewer, will issue his second edition of "Bock Beer" tomorrow. His customers will be supplied with the beverage in a prompt manner, as Mr. Reissing is a prompt and reliable business man. Some people drink sassafras tea in the spring of the year; others use sage catnip and "sich," and others sassaparilla. That is their privilege. Another class prefer Bock Beer and it is their privilege to do so. This is a free country. Drive on old Bock."

Reising's brewery was New Albany's largest and most renowned during pre-Prohibition times. It occupied the whole block where the Holiday Inn Express now stands.

Wouldn't you like to know what Reising's Bock Beer tasted like?

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