Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thursday Gravity Head Journal: In sickness and in health.

Yes, Gravity Head starts tomorrow.

There's a story from "Ball Four," Jim Bouton's classic peak into the clubhouse of late 1960's baseball, in which Mickey Mantle crawls off the bench to pinch-hit, so hungover he barely could see, and nails a home run. He returns to the bench, eyes the cheering throng, and comments, "they have no idea how hard that was."

I'm saying the same thing tomorrow.

The show must go on; no choices, really, when you're an entrepreneur and a small businessman, but at the same time this week's taken a year off my life.

At just the time when pre-Gravity Head preparations intensify, I came down with the epizudic (sic). Three days of complete incapacitation have been followed by three more trying to complete pricing, tap handles, the program, and the other thousand and one things that must occur in order to do Gravity Head.

This is the flip side of the freedom afforded those who work for themselves. Sometimes, you simply cannot call in sick.

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