Thursday, March 17, 2005

Gravity Head Journal: Second Thursday report from the front.

In seven years of Gravity Head, there's been one big change, and I'm not sure how to account for it.

In terms of Gravity styles, Barley Wine continues to decline as a fan choice.

The first non-cask kegs to blow this year were NABC's NobleSmoker (Rauchbier; second keg tapped), "Imperial" IPA and Pilsner (Great Divide and Rogue, respectively), Great Divide's Oaked Yeti Imperial Stout, and the unclassifiable monolith of Avery "The Beast."

Meanwhile, Barley Wine kegs from Stone, Bell's and Avery are still heavy, although the Rogue Old Crustacean 2000 nears the end. Still to come are these as-yet-untapped Barley Wines: Vintage 2002 BBC Brewing Bearded Pat's, Ringneck FOTB, Sierra Nevada Bigfoot (2004) and Anchor Old Foghorn. If you remain among the faithful, there's plenty for you in the coming weeks.

Expect Stone Double Bastard and Bell's Expedition Stout to be gone soon. They will be replaced by a Belgians and a German. Our two Fantome kegs have been brought into position, but must be allowed to settle for a few days before tapping.

Finally, the (gulp) Adnam's Tally-Ho Barley Wine will be on the hand pump tomorrow (Friday, March 18).

I've been cleared by the medical staff to go into work during morning and set the table for the day, but owing to my weakened lungs and an enhanced susceptibility to infection (and cigarette smoke), I'm not allowed to work the floor until next week.

How many days into Gravity Head will it be before I'm actually able to take a drink?

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