Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Eileen Martin to be GM of new 4th Street BBC?

Rumor has it that Eileen Martin, until recently the head brewer at Browning's Brewery, is resurfacing as general manager of the new Bluegrass Brewing Co. (St. Matthews) joint venture on 4th Street in downtown Louisville.

The way I understand the project, BBC's Jerry Gnagy will brew the beer in St. Matthews, while the Third Avenue Cafe will do the cooking. With a location on Theater Square, the new restaurant will be just south of the epicenter of 4th Street Live, Louisville's year-old, chain-dominated attempt to jumpstart downtown -- but just across from The Palace musical venue, which is worth remembering.

So, we'll now have East BBC (St. Matthews), West BBC (Main St.) and South BBC (4th Street). If you can determine who owns which, let me know.

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edward parish said...

Glad to here it for Eileen and others, but will she be brewing any where except at home? Miss your beers Eileen...