Friday, November 20, 2015

Saturnalia MMXV at the Pizzeria & Public House, beginning on Friday, November 27.

It looks like Eric Gray has the beer lineup locked down for Saturnalia MMXV, and I'd expect no less. He's been doing the procurement for more than five years, ever since I shifted focus and began spending all of my time at Bank Street Brewhouse. When it comes to the guest lineup at the Pizzeria & Public House, it hasn't been about me for a while, and Eric deserves the credit.

When Tony Beard's stellar poster appeared on Facebook, I received a message from regular reader S, who asked if there'll be a .pdf-format program for this year's Saturnalia.

I don't have an answer for this question. It would appear that one element of my transition toward civilian status has been the removal of administrator privileges at Fb and the web site, and so I don't know what's being planned.

However, although the beers won't be the same as in 2015, you can read about the background of Saturnalia at the 2014 program link, which remains active.

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