Saturday, June 07, 2014

One fine day at Design Werks in North Vernon.

John and Blake (above); PR and a "Starlight" jockey box (below).

Nice end pieces on this model.

But we managed to make it more harmonious.

"Beverage Coolers, Jockey Boxes, Kegerators, Displays, Studios, Man Caves, Bars & Accessories and anything/everything custom."

Blake and I drove up to the bustling crossroads town of North Vernon, Indiana, last Thursday to examine the showroom and shop of John Elliott, who does business as Design Werks. John is a master carpenter and a craft beer lover, and his customized coolers are the fruition of the union of a skill set and a hobby.

Just don't try to find John's esoteric lair. There is a considerable element of secretive Bat Cave to his professional digs, and the shop is cleverly camouflaged by a ready-mix concrete company. John had to guide us in via cell phone. The photos don't do justice to his pieces, which truly are hand-crafted, and also fully functional and suitable for heavy duty use.

These aren't your grandaddy's single-use styrofoam conveyances, or even garden-variety Colemans. John may not be making craft beer, but in a sense, he's putting the craft back into it.

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