Thursday, December 12, 2013

NABC and PourGate: Total and unequivocal defeat for the Floyd County Health Department, says the state attorney general.

To get the full, surreal history of what we've come to call PourGate, I'd recommend pouring a real beer, settling into a comfortable fireside seat, and heading over to my NA Confidential blog, where searching for Floyd County Health Department should yield plenty of hits.

To summarize: According to the Attorney General of the state of Indiana, NABC's position v.v. PourGate is correct on all counts, and the FCHD's approximate location is atop a rapidly yielding pit of quicksand.

In the matter of NABC and PourGate, total and unequivocal defeat for the Floyd County Health Department

The complete unedited advisory opinion is here:

Complete text: “Floyd County/ New Albany ordinance issue in violation of IC 7.1-3-9-2, 7.1-3-9-6″

The AG's opinion should be sufficient to win half the battle. Next comes NABC's decision how to proceed with reference to the retaliatory and defamatory photo posted on the FCHD's web site earlier this year. Remember it?

Isn't it amazing how much time must be expended to battle arrogance of this caliber?

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