Sunday, February 05, 2012

A brief glance at the specs for NABC's Black & Bluegrass Saison, coming in April.

Black & Bluegrass Saison will be available in 22oz bomber bottles in April, with limited draft concurrently.


NABC Black & Bluegrass Saison

You can’t drink Black & Bluegrass in striped pants, but you can enjoy it alongside the many great meals prepared by creative kitchen minds at eateries throughout the Louisville metro area. It is Wallonian-style farmhouse ale, brewed with lemongrass and black pepper.

Malt: Rahr Pale and white wheat, Castle Aromatic

Sugar: Blue Agave Nectar

Hops: German Hallertauer Magnum

Spice: Toasted black pepper and lemongrass

Yeast: House Belgian Ale

ABV: 6%

OG: 15 Plato

IBU: 18

Color: 6.2 SRM

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