Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Limited appearances of C2 out in the world.

We waited seemingly forever for a taste of C2, the product of last year's collaboration between brewers from New Albanian, O’Fallon and Schlafly.

C2 is a once in a lifetime treat, a Smoked Belgian Dark Strong aged in Port and Cabernet barrels and infused with figs. It took a long time to make, and was priced accordingly.

NABC released small amounts at both locations during N.A.B.Cieged 3, and it was tapped in Indianapolis for the Winterfest last weekend. We'll let more C2 out of the bag during Gravity Head (starts February 25), and Jared Williamson will be cellaring a small amount for use during future Gravity Heads.

Here's what I know about who else has received C2. Forgive and correct me if I've missed anyone, and remember that with the exceptions noted below, you'll have to ask them when they plan on tapping their kegs.

Sergio's World Beers
Holy Grale
Louisville Beer Store


Release events are being planned now. On Friday, February 5, Louisville Beer Store will honor Firkin First Friday and the Trolley Hop by tapping its C2, along with a firkin of Henna, Jared's Black IPA, and believe me, those are two very good reasons to be there on Friday night.

Eiderdown C2 allotment will be part of a beer dinner, featuring a beer each from the three collaborating breweries as well as C2. Taking the collaboration concept one step further, the kitchens at Eiderdown and NABC will be collaborating on the menu.

Events at the other C2 locations are being planned by Josh Hill of NABC and Schlafly's local rep, Scott Shreffler.

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johnking said...

Just had it for the first time tonight at LBS. Good stuff, for a first beer of the evening it packed a punch. Very rich tasting and leaves a good impression on the tongue. Well done Jared.