Sunday, February 06, 2011

Evolving fun with my beer tastings.

For many years, I’ve been doing guided beer tastings for small groups, most often for 6 – 10 persons. These tastings usually are donated; I provide the tasting certificates to be auctioned at charity fundraisers.

I’ve done them the same way for years, and now I’ve resolved to do them differently. The transformation began in December, with a tasting redemption party of 8, and continued yesterday evening, with a far larger group of 32.

Henceforth, my survey of beer styles will be all-draft, and all-American unless other wise specified. Most (if not all) will be NABC’s own beers. Last night, there were six NABCs and two others (one Rogue and one Tyranena). The commentary remains much the same, although there is more to say about our own beers.

The reception last night was gratifying, and I appreciate the crowd’s patience as I rehearsed new material with them as crash test beer drinkers.

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