Sunday, September 16, 2007

Calendar check: Ayinger Oktoberfest beer dinner at Bistro New Albany will be Monday, October 1.

More details will be coming this week, but for now please take note that I’ll be collaborating with Bistro New Albany owner/chef Dave Clancy on a German-themed beer dinner on Monday, October 1 at 6:00 p.m. at BNA.

My beer plan is somewhat different from previous beer dinners at the Bistro. This time around, we hope to be featuring the fine line of beers made by the Ayinger brewery south of Munich.

These include pale and dark wheat ales, Celebrator Doppelbock, Jahrhundert (export lager) and Altbairisch Dunkel (all in bottles), and what I hope will be Oktoberfest Marzen on draft (cross your fingers). We’ll offer larger portions of fewer beers this time around, as befits the hearty Bavarian drinking and dining tradition.

Pray to your particular Gods for crisp fall weather and a chance to dine outdoors.

Here is Chef Clancy’s preliminary menu. An additional appetizer may be added, and we’re hoping to keep the price near the $45 range per person.

-Gurkensalat (cucumber salad)

-Gulaschsuppe (goulash soup)

-Sauerbraten with Kartoffelpuffer (brined and roasted beef with potato cakes)

-Schwarzwalderkirschtorte (black forrest cake)

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