Friday, September 28, 2007

The ad hoc life with computers and beer.

It is a source of great joy that we’ve finally had rain, and that the lunacy of 90+ degrees of temperature and humidity to match (in late September) have passed in the wake of the storms, but there is annoyance to match, because the home computer has ceased functioning, forcing me to come to work to do work.

I’ve gotten into the habit of working at home from roughly 8:00 a.m. to Noon during the week. Seeing as I’ve always been a morning person, it’s the best time for me to write and be creative, and the comfort of the home office – with ready access to the handy Saeco home espresso maker and a stash of cigars for porch reading – is something I look forward to each day.

At work, I must insulate myself from distractions, usually in my office, door shut, and a wall of musical sounds separating me from the bar area, the ringing telephone, and the many other things that intrude on concentration.

Also, there's a fair amount of beer at work ... and it calls my name constantly. You wouldn't believe how much willpower it takes to be in this business.

At any rate, until there is a home-based restoration, forgive a few breaks in posting.

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