Sunday, August 14, 2005

UPDATED: Stylishness at the Kentucky State Fair homebrew competition.

Today was the annual judging of the Kentucky State Fair homebrew competition. Here are the judges and stewards hard at it.

Most of the judges present have experience in beer evaluation, and many have taken the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) test, which the Potable Curmudgeon managed to pass three years ago with the bare minimum score of 70.

The science parts bedeviled me, so I had to be perfect on the history of brewing and style description.

Today, I was delighted to help judge the opening round in the Pale Ale category. My group of three beer lovers judged 5 American Pale Ales and 4 India Pale Ales, with 2 of the APA's and 1 of the IPA's, along with three beers from another Pale Ale flight, being passed through for evaluation by a different team of judges.

Two of the best beers I judged did not go through. One was a great English-style Barley Wine, and the second was an IPA -- but the IPA was entered in the APA category, and the Barley Wine was entered in the IPA category.

It might be the best beer you've ever tasted, but if it's entered into the wrong style category, it loses points.

Here's a dedicated group of judges, all of whom are members of the FOSSILS homebrewing and beer appreciation club. Left to right are Jay Hulbert, Dave Howard, Tom Henderson and Darwin "Dibbs" Harting:

Of course, the LAGERS club also was present in force. Below, Dennis Stockslager and Gus Klein guard the entry table. It's rough work ...

The list of winners:

1. Gary Smith, New Albany, Ind. Mulberry Lambic
2. Gary Cox, Mt. Eden Ky….Jamacian Jerk Ale
3. Duane Hellums, Lexington Ky….Pink Peppercorn
4. Dennis Barry, Georgetown Ind….Bourbon barrel barley wine

Dark Ale
1. Curt Woodson, Georgetown Ky American Amber
2. Morgan Jones, Bagdad Ky….Amer. brown ale
3. Bill Moore, Louisville ky robust porter

1. Morgan Jones, Bagdad, Ky Blackberry mead
2. Ed Tash, New Albany Ind…..traditional mead
3. Gary Smith New Albany Ind….Apple/raspberry cider.

1. Tim Chancellor, Frankfort Ky Oatmeal Stout
2. Scott Boyer, Borden Ind….Foreign stout
3. Brian Kolb, Louisville, Ky Dry Stout

1. Erik Smith. Corydon, Ind….Berliner Weiss
2. Chris Vandergrift, Lexington Ky….hefewizen
3. Ryan Phillips, Georgetown, Ky….Belgian Wit

Light Lager
1. (no listing provided)
2. Paul Moss, Millersburg, Ky Bohemian Pils
3. Rick Ford Louisville, Ky….Bohemian Pils

Pale Ale
1. Bob Capshew, Lanesville Ind, English Pale ale
2. Morgan Jones, Bagdad, Ky Amer. pale ale
3. Bill Moore, Louisville, Ky English strong bitter

Light ale
1. Bill Moore, Louisville Ky Scottish light ale
2. Rick Buckman, Louisville, Ky Belgian pale ale
3. Tim Chancellor, Frankfort, Ky Calif. Common

Dark Lager
1. Rich Salisbury, Simpsonville Ky….Traditional Bock
2. E.J. Woidich Louisville, Ky Traditional Bock
3. Paul Moss….Millersburg Ky Octoberfest

Strong Beer
1. Chris Vandergrift….Lexington Ky Belgian Strong ale
2. Joseph Whitt Louisville Ky Strong Scotch ale
3. Joseph Clarkson Louisville Ky Belgian Triple

Best of Show
Chris Vandergrift, Lexington Ky Belgian Strong golden ale

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