Saturday, April 09, 2016

"Great Flood Brewing Announces New Production Brewery."

Great Flood is adding a production brewery (below), and I wish them nothing but the best. I don't get over there as often as I should, and hope to remedy this, because I've enjoyed the beers I've had when there.

However, now that I'm a free agent untethered from my moorings, I'll be honest.

Every time I see a press release from any brewery near or far, announcing a production ramp-up and a commensurate boost in output, and earnestly promising to have beer on store shelves throughout the area quite soon ... well, I think to myself:

"Guys, I hope you have a big ass pot of money. You're going to need it."

There are hundreds of brands out there, and while there are more "craft" beers in stores and on tap than ever before, there is less and less thoughtfulness behind how they come to land in those places. It is a constant, incessant, random spin of the wheel, both by consumers and retailers, and especially by bar managers at restaurants.

Eateries tend to have an absolutely firm idea of their food, wine and spirits, but most beer lists I see are without any organizing principle at all. It's as though the names were pulled from a spinning bingo number basket. Also, commitments to localism/regionalism in sourcing seldom extend past the swinging doors to the kitchen, with notable exceptions like the Crescent Hill Craft House.

I'm not trying to be a pessimist. All I'm saying is that if you're Great Flood, you may get only one chance to get it right, straight out of the gate. I'm pulling for you to do it.

Burned children; we shun the fire, you know.

Great Flood Brewing Announces New Production Brewery at

Great Flood Brewing Company, located in the Upper Highlands, announced today (on their 2-Year Anniversary) that they are finalizing plans to open a new 13,000 square foot production brewery in Shelby Park/Germantown by the end of 2016. The new facility will increase their brewing capacity 10-fold and will allow for local distribution of their beers on draft and in cans. The new facility will also eventually feature a tasting room and event space. Their brewery and taproom in the Highlands will remain open and will continue to produce small batches.


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