Sunday, January 25, 2015

The draft list for Gravity Head 2015 is complete.

The whole process each year of organizing Gravity Head begins with a pervasive pea soup fog. Around the holidays, Eric Gray will provide a list. Foraging continues, and it becomes a bit easier to see the goalposts. Vision gradually clears. As of today, we have a final list.

We're over our self-imposed limit, but not by very many kegs. We might yet pull a few for another year's aging.

Gravity Head 2015: “We’re Only in It for the Money,” with Against the Grain leading off with a showcase on Friday, February 27 at NABC’s Pizzeria & Public House.

Flat12, Founders and NABC selections comprise a third weekend wave (Friday the 13th of March). Others will appear according to no apparent plan throughout the fest’s run, into early April.

There’ll be a special Sunday Sunrise & Gravity Head Brunch at Bank Street Brewhouse on Sunday, March 1, with food and draft selections (with guests cooking and curating both), to be announced.

See any mistakes? Let me know. Gravity Head deploys BJCP style categories, and I try to get the information as "right" as I can. Go to the NABC web site to see the list.

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