Wednesday, December 03, 2014

"Convenience us for a long time cooperation."

This one's not your ordinary spam.

According to Beer Advocate, "Laoshan Beer is a Light Lager style beer brewed by Tsingtao Brewery Co., Ltd. in Qingdao, China."

RateBeer lists a Carlsberg outpost in China called Kunming Brewery, as verified in this press release from 2003.

Irrespective of what it is and which conglomerate owns it, these guys need malt and hops.


Honorable Sir:

We are LaoShan brewery China of Kunming project department.Because company need,we need purchase hop and malt.If your campany can product sale and offer.Please send informations to me.Convenience us for a long time cooperation.Waiting for your reply.

Best Regards.

Contacts: Wang hua

Mobile phone ... 

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Rick500 said...

Huh. I wonder if anyone's going to convenience them.