Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sam Cruz is giving NABC a hand, and we thank him.

(Earlier in the year, we had beers at BBC 3rd Street. Left to right: Jared Williamson, Josh Hill and Sam Cruz)

Let's begin with a blurb.

If you’re looking for a great way to spend a Monday evening, permit me to point again to the beer dinner at NA Exchange on June 27, featuring Dave Clancy’s culinary expressions accompanied by handpicked NABC favorites.

Move fast: NA Exchange/NABC beer dinner coming on Monday, June 27.

It will be Jared Williamson’s last NABC beer dinner (think of it as a victory lap), before he leaves for a new job at Schlafly and a new life in St. Louis. Join us for a celebration of beer and brewing memories, and a hopeful view to the future.

Earlier in the week, I mentioned our succession plan for the Research and Development brewery at the Pizzeria & Public House. The first stage of our “bridge” to a permanent brewer has commenced with the temporary assistance of Sam Cruz, late of BBC’s 3rd Street location.

Sam recently left BBC to continue his efforts to bring the Against the Grain brewing project in Louisville to fruition, in conjunction with a group of partners. Sam probably will be brewing for NABC for a few months, until Against the Grain is up and running. The timing is beneficial both for NABC and Sam, and I'm thankful he was available to help.

Suddenly, it seems the Kentuckiana brewing scene has been jolted, and is evolving. To know me is to know I'm for it, even if there are bumps and annoyances along the way. As soon as I'm in a position to describe what happens next for NABC, I'll provide an account here.

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