Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Publican announces DaveFest 2006 for May (dates TBA).

Mark your calendars ... in general terms. Brush away the cat hair, find your post-it notes, and remember that some time in May – the exact date hasn’t been determined, because it must come after Gravity Head, my April trip to Oregon & Washington and the Kentucky Derby – I’ll be putting together a mini-draft celebration at Rich O’s, henceforth to be known as DaveFest 2006.

This is not a joke. I have not been drinking (well, at least not today).


To unravel this obscure festival mystery, which has developed spontaneously following a conversation about “customer appreciation” beer fests, please proceed to the following blog entry:

Dave, seriously, I'm excited.

Of the top 12 beers you've listed, only Avery’s Old Jubilation is a probable no-go owing to its seasonal status. Of the remainder, four are “special order” beers, but shouldn’t be a problem with this much notice.

So … there could be as many as 10 Dave-certified draft beers at DaveFest 2006.

I really like this idea, too, and could see doing it with a different person every year just for the fun of it.

Perhaps we can do t-shirts, assuming I learn to spell before then. Here's a template of sorts:


barenada said...

I hope we can work it out. I can probably get Misty to design a better t-shirt though.

The New Albanian said...

Let's get her on it, then.

Your friends would buy close to __ total (not willing to fill in the blank for fear of embarrassing you)?

My t-shirt guy would make as few as 20-something for the usual price ...

David R. Pierce said...

Dave who?

yeah, me, that's who said...

Whadaya mean Dave who?! The only Dave there is for Pete's sake!

TwistedNoggin said...

If this is your 15 minutes of fame, Dave... think bigger.
Just kiddin!
So, can I expect a tasty upland chocolate stout among the selection, or do you lean toward the Rogue?
Perhaps you should intoxicate the brewer and talk him into formulating a "BareNada Beer".