Friday, July 01, 2005

Jeffersonville condemns Glenn Muncy's building, while the Curmudgeon condemns him.

Updating an earlier report in Potable Curmudgeon, and giggling uncontrollably while doing so, we hear the sounds of pompous bluster emanating from the neighboring city of Jeffersonville.

Muncy threatens lawsuit over building condemnation, by Larry Thomas, Jeffersonville Evening News city editor.

Here’s an excerpt:

The owner of the site of a once-thriving Jeffersonville business is livid that his property has been targeted for condemnation so it can be turned over to another developer.

"I'll sue them," Glenn Muncy said on Thursday, after learning that the Jeffersonville Redevelopment Commission voted 4-0 to exercise imminent domain* over property he owns at 228 Spring St., once home to Tubby's.

At various junctures in Thomas’s commendably straight-faced report, Muncy claims to have convinced the state of Indiana that “$500,000 in liens and judgments” against his property is a case of mistaken identity, insists he has investors waiting to form a corporation, vows that he’s just turned away a buyer for the building, and yes, “confirmed” plans to open a microbrewery at the site.

Perhaps the Jeffersonville police force still remains on Muncy’s back alley payroll, as the congenital fact fabricator and former last-place mayoral candidate belched back at me in 1993 while threatening to have them harass me after I politely declined to become involved with an early plan to establish a brewery, one just as spurious as the current non-starter.

Too bad, really. It’d be much funnier to taste his beer.

See Tubby, the sequel: As much a "master brewer" as the Curmudgeon is a neuro-surgeon.


* "imminent domain" as in Thomas's original article; it should be "eminent domain."


fleefleeangel said...

it seems as if you have glenn muncy and glenn driscol mixed up. the guy that supposively "belched back" at you was not glenn muncy. that was glenn driscoll. i think you should know who and what you are talking about before you go spreading stuff over the internet. i spoke with mr muncy about all of the nasty things you are puttin on here about him and he said that you have him and some one else mixed up. do you want my opinion. i think your just afriad of a lil competition....

The New Albanian said...

For the record, I do appreciate that Tubby's daughter (FFA) was compelled at age 15 to defend her old man's honor. I see that she's about to go into business for herself, and I wish her luck.

I know full well that it was not Muncy, but the other Glenn, who made the racist jokes.

But it was Muncy, not Driscoll, who threatened me when I tried, vainly, to tell him I could be of no help and had no interest in his brewery -- just as imaginary then as now.

You were roughly 5 years old, and not there. I was roughly 35, and was.

Best of luck in Cheezy's.